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(Read) 5 Things You Need To Know: Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1. You may have heard the story about Daniel Fleetwood – an avid Star Wars fan who unfortunately was terminally ill. His dying wish was to see the new film The Force Awakens before his death. A huge social movement #ForceForDance arose to get J.J. Abrams to allow Daniel to see the film ahead of its release. Abrams was kind enough to share the film with Daniel on November 5, and Daniel unfortunately passed last night, November 9. May the Force be with you, Daniel.

2. Portland is seeking to build a municipal broadband network to offer affordable high-speed broadband to its residents and businesses. Portland currently maintains a fiber optic network that connects municipal buildings, like fire stations and schools. It does not, however, provide service to any neighboring residential or commercial properties.

3. Arundel residents are not happy with that farm smell, and they want the Maine DEP to do something about it. The smell is gone now, but some people said the smell made them sick, and they didn’t want to leave their house because of it. The Maine DEP is looking into legal action. It’s working with the Attorney General’s office to determine what exactly to do going forward.

4. Just what was that strange flying object (dare we say, UFO) in Southern California the other night? Hundreds of people saw what looked like a bright, flying object, emitting some sort of cloudy, gassy trail. The Navy “confirmed” that it was just a test missile and that it was not armed. Do you believe it? Or is the “truth” out there?

5. Now there is basically Fight Club for your phone. A new app just released yesterday — Rumblr — allows users to find other potential people to fight with. Think of it as Tinder (or Grindr) but for fighting. Users can create a profile, list their stats, experience level, and even see where a nearby rumble is taking place.

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