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(Read) 5 Things You Need To Know: Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1. In the wake of everything that’s happened in France, ISIS has made threats to the U.S., the West, and specifically Washington. Obama has vowed that the U.S. will take necessary steps to combat these threats but maintains that adding more boots on the ground would be a mistake.

2. The Portland City Council voted 6-3 Monday night to regulate private parking lot operators who enforce parking rules by immobilizing – or booting – vehicles. They will be required, among other things, to post signs in their lots that provide detailed information about a lot’s owners and business practices, including the cost of removing a boot.

3. Two Portland developers have broken ground on a $6.9 million luxury condominium project in the city’s East End, with plans to start development on a nearby office building in the spring.

4. A South Portland nonprofit sends 40,000 pounds of medical supplies to Syria. Partners for World Health is donating the goods to ‘underground’ hospitals in the war-ravaged Middle East country.

5. Today is National Unfriend Day. Is your Facebook newsfeed cluttered with posts you don’t care about from people you don’t remember? Are you sick of seeing someone’s selfies, baby photos and political rants? Then today is the perfect holiday for you. Founded by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, National Unfriend Day presents a judgment-free opportunity for you to ditch the strangers, casual acquaintances and frenemies that you follow on social media. It also serves as a reminder that when it comes to friends, quality is far more important than quantity.

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