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(Read) 5 Things You Need To Know: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

1. The first Democratic Presidential Debate is tonight on CNN at 8:30. Contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be pitted up against each other, and the question still remains: Will Joe Biden join the race?

2. The debate has sparked up yet again surround the Skowhegan Indians. (Especially surrounding the seemingly now controversial Columbus Day) Should Skowhegan change their mascot? Is the name offensive or does it relay tradition and community?

3. Though it’s a few weeks late, Maine foliage is peaking! It’s beautiful and has also brought in a lot of tourism dollars to the state. What is your favorite place to do some leaf watching?

4. Could be a good time to take one last road trip! Not only are the Fall colors peaking, but gas prices remain relatively low in Maine. In fact they are $1.04 less than a year ago!

5. Iconic adult magazine has made a major announcement today — As of March 2016, Playboy says it will no longer publish nude photos. The move is part of a broad redesign to modernize the iconic magazine.

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