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(Read) A Message For All Breaking Bad Fans

Vince Gilligan, best known for creating Breaking Bad stopped by the “Better Call Saul Insider Podcast” with a message for certain fans of the show, “Stop throwing pizzas on that poor lady’s roof.” Gilligan says the woman who now lives in the house made famous by the hit TV show says she’s cool with living in a tourist attraction but not with vandalism by pizza. “There’s nothing original, or funny, about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof… It’s been done before. You’re not the first,” says Gilligan. If you’re a wise guy or a fan of the show and you’re still thinking about reenacting the scene made famous by Bryan Cranston, you might want to think twice about that. Jonathan Banks, the actor who played Mike in Breaking Bad says he will hunt down anyone who throws another pizza onto the roof of this woman’s house.


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