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(Video) Ri Ri Breaks Down On Stage

There is always something about your first love that you can never truly get over.

Yesterday while preforming “Love the Way You Love” in Dublin, Ireland, Rihanna let it all out. Our favorite bad girl started crying before she even started singing! Fans at the concert didn’t just leave her suffering, they jumped in and sang with her. Now of course something like this can’t happen without people thinking of a reason, and of course we all go back to Chris Brown.

Some have also said that her entire ANTI album has many references to the deep but twisted love she had for Chris. With lyrics like “ You love when I fall apart, So you can put me together and throw me against the wall” and “It beats me black and blue but it F**ks me so good and I can’t get enough”; one can definitely think that she is still not completely over him.

But we’re here for you RiRi forever and always boo.

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