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(Sports) Tom Brady’s Suspension Reinstated

Tom Brady


Listen, I’m a Giants fan. So naturally, this makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. But at the same time, I’m laughing at all of the National Football League for this absolute circus they’re putting on around “Deflategate.” You already let him off the hook last season. Was I mad about that? Not really. It doesn’t surprise me that the Patriots were investigated for doing some sketchy stuff, again, but it baffles me how the NFL and Goodell are coming down on Brady instead of the Patriots organization as a whole. Yes, he is the literal face of the franchise, and maybe he did have some type of evidence on that cell phone which he destroyed, but:

  1. The evidence (if any) is likely gone for good.
  2. Y’already acquitted Brady of it. You can’t just be like “jk we’re actually gonna suspend you now because we can, lol.” That’s literally not how our justice system works in the United States of America.

All I know is 4 games ain’t that bad, especially with Granolabar as the backup, or whatever his name is. The Pats will be fine, and will likely make the playoffs again. Also, I hope this suspension was reinstated solely due to the fact that Brady is endorsed by UGGS, because that is still laugh-out-loud funny to me.
B’lieve dat.


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