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(Video) 7 Year Old Boy Fights An Actual Armed Robber

Go ahead and watch this kid be more badass than I ever will be in my life.

I frequent GameStop all the time because video games. It’s like my home away from home, yaknowwhatimean? So my guard is probably all the way down when I’m in there. If 2 robbers came in, guns up, my pants are soaked. This kid straight up took the matter into his own hands and started swinging. Didn’t give two damns, let alone one. If I’m the robber, I’m thinking “alright this kid knows something that I don’t, and we need to leave immediately.”

However, the size difference proves to be troublesome for the boy when the robber drags him away, but guess what? It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog, ykwim? And in this case, the 7 year old boy was the Hulk. B’lieve dat.


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