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(Video) Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates Get Into A Brawl

Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Amir Garrett (50) charges the Pittsburgh Pirates bench in the ninth inning of a baseball game, Tuesday, July 30, 2019, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Fans that chose to go to this baseball game certainly paid for a show. A nasty brawl between the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates broke out in the ninth inning of the Reds’ 11-4 loss.

Amir Garrett charged the Pittsburgh Pirates dugout by himself in a game Tuesday night and punched Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams. After that, both benches cleared and caused more punches to be thrown. The video shows Garrett getting angry as Pirates players chirped at him during a mound visit, before he dropped his glove and started swinging:

Reds manager David Bell, who had been ejected earlier in the game, rushed on the field and shoved Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. Bell ended up on the ground with Pirates hitting coach Rick Eckstein on top of him and will likely face a suspension for entering the field after being ejected.

Tensions had reportedly been brewing all night that led to that point. Garrett said “I don’t condone what I did. It’s not in the game for something like that to happen. Sometimes, you let emotions get the best of you. I don’t condone that. I don’t like for kids to see that in the baseball environment. Baseball is fun.”

At least he knows that this behavior was wrong and probably won’t do it again. It definitely didn’t show good sportsmanship.


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