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(Video) French Montana ft. Drake – “No Stylist”

[Image Source: YouTube]

Hip-hop and fashion. The two go hand in hand. French and Drizzy want you to know, they’re pretty fashionable guys themselves.

In the 90’s inspired video for “No Stylist”, French and Drake can be seen in the streets of the Bronx, riding in fresh whips with Slick Rick, and backstage at a fashion show. Cameos in the video other than Slick Rick consist of Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, and more.

Speaking on the video itself, French says, “We want to give that dope boy on the corner, you know that do whatever he do just to buy the outfit. People that really know how to dress because they don’t have anybody to dress them and that was my whole thing with it. So we went to the Bronx and we shot the video, it has Slick Rick and the old school car with the Louis Vuitton seats and the Gucci seats.”

Check it out below.

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