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(Video) Kanye Surprises Kim With A Kenny G Serenade

You know how sometimes you forget about a special occasion and have to run out for last-minute flowers? Well, that’s apparently how Kanye West pulled together his Valentine’s Day gift for wife Kim Kardashian;

Kenny G–who went viral Thursday when he played his soprano saxophone for Kim in her living room–tells TMZ, “I got a few emails Wednesday night from friends of Kanye…saying that he would like this to happen…I happened to be home and he doesn’t live that far from me so I thought, ‘Sure, let’s do that, it sounds really fun.'” He adds, “It was very last-minute. I mean, I’m talking last night at 11 p.m.” When asked whether Kanye paid him, Kenny replied, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s just from one heart to the other…It was really just from one guy to another guy.”

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