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(Video) Pallaso & The Mess – Change

Local artists Pallaso & The Mess pay tribute to those affected by the Lewiston fires with their video for “Change.” Tune in to Hot Mix nights tonight between 6pm-7pm to hear Ryan Deelon premier “Change” on Hot 104.7


  1. Yo I can’t thank you enough for playing Pallaso and The Mess. I will never forget the first radio station to play our song. You have made my night gentlemen.

  2. Just wanted to give a big shout out to 104.7 for putting up this video on your site, and for playing the song on the radio. Its about time someone gave these guys a chance to shine. Again, a big thank you!

  3. Thank you for playing their song I have never listened to this station but I am gonna start. These local guys deserve to have their song played on the radio stations in Maine and specially since they were paying respect to the locals and all the men and woman who spent hours at these fires thank you again for playing change

  4. I would like to thank Hot104.7 Ryan Deelon for giving these two impressive artist a chance on the radio after going viral with 11,000+ views and the local sunjournal and so on. I can’t being to say thanks enough. Maine is on the MAP!!

  5. Hell yea! Props to 104.7 for playing this! Showing that local love! Much respect to pallaso and especially Jesse Hammond aka the mess! 207 baby it goes up

  6. I missed it so I hope you guys keep playing it so I can catch it on 104.7.. Thank you though for having faith in my friends and playing there song. You don’t realize how much it ment to them… This song is a hit.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You guys rock, this song is amazing and deserves to be heard loud!!! I think Lewiston/Auburn has a new favorite station!!! πŸ™‚

  8. Lots of love n respect to 104.7 for this beautiful opportunity of choosng to support Pallaso and The Mess song “CHANGE” It truly means the world to me for u to air this song on your station and that u recognize such beautiful talent………so thank you

  9. Known Jesse since we were kids. To see him come from where he has and to have gone through what he has is amazing. Over coming the hell of this City and now involving Lewiston in his music at such a horrible time shows a lot for him and where he came from. Great respect for Jesse and thank you guys for playing his song.

  10. Thanks for playing this song! Jesse “The Mess”, needed this kind of exposure. I’ve been listening to his songs for years, and his stuff is great! Keep playing this song, and hopefully you can get ahold of some of his other songs and see just how talented this guy really is!

  11. song had a great beat to it, made me want to move every part of my body. Thanks for playing it!! 104.7 there for Mainers!

  12. Thank you 104.7 for playing this song not only is this a great song but it has a great meaning and jessie and pius deserve to be heard.

  13. Keep playing it i missed it but its awesome to see something AMAZING come from home…keep up the good work jesse ur music hits home and the heart!!!!

  14. Jesse, aka The Mess, your doing so great im really proud of you. You’ve always had it Im glad its your time to shine! You deserve it and 104.7 have a new listener! Thank you guys for playing Pallaso and The Mess, Change is a great song, comes from the heart and sinks home to alot of people. Keep it going guys, Pallaso and you have a great thing, you sound awesome together.

  15. 104.7 awesome job !!!! This is an awesome song !!! Keep playing it !! I am all about promoting this station ! Supporting a local artist who deserves to be playing across all stations!!!

  16. Awesome song/video with great talent! Thanks for sharing & giving these local musicians a chance to be heard. I believe this is only the beginning for these guys, they have BIG futures ahead of them, congrats Pallaso & The Mess.


  18. I LOVE THIS SONG & VIDEO!! So awesome that 104.7 plays such great music and recognizes REAL talent! The Mess and Pallaso are The Stuff! I wanna hear more from them!

  19. 104.7 Thank You for being willing to play CHANGE it is a wonderful song with a wide spread awareness though as we all know without radio play and support and can never really be known and this I believe is the time for these particular artists to be heard and I would love to hear this play on the radio on a daily basis like so many other songs are so again thank you for being the best and bravest broadcasting studio out here so far and hopefully you will continue to play and give life to one amazing song

  20. Thank you to Hot 104.7 for giving our local talent some air time. Pallaso and The Mess are very talented and needed this now sky is the limit. Hope tho continue hearing “Change” by Pallasso and The Mess on Hot 104.7. L/A’s new Favorite radio station.

  21. Thanx for helping put us on the map! So much great talent goes unheard do to stations like Q 97.9 lol no but 4 real good lookin my boys killed it! Great job mess and pallaso its a HIT…..!!!! REP MY CITY

  22. I remember the mess starting out at the teen center dance has voice is still as amazing as when he first performed thank you and hope u do make ur big

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