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(Video) Wiz Khalifa ft. Lil Skies – “Fr Fr”

[Image Source: YouTube]

Apparently, the party’s at the grocery store. Well, if Wiz and Lil Skies are in the building, that is.

In this fun video directed by Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade, Wiz and Skies can be seen slacking at their day jobs as grocery store clerks, moshing in the aisles and turning the parking lot into the afterparty. “I’m bout my check for real, I’m bout my respect for real / My diamonds are crystal clear, I’m shining from ear to ear,” Wiz boasts on the song’s hook.

As he gets pasta sauce splattered on him and thrown in his face, it’s safe to say the store manager isn’t too impressed with the work ethic. This is a little backwards but, yeah, Wiz and Skies should probably quit their day jobs.

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