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(Video) Wiz Khalifa ft. Swae Lee – “Hopeless Romantic”

[Image Source: YouTube]

As they approach the finish line on their Dazed & Blazed Tour, Wiz and Swae Lee decided to drop off the video for “Hopeless Romantic,” their hit single off of Wiz’s Rolling Papers 2.

Dressed in some fresh designer, Swae Lee croons as Wiz rhymes in a sea of giant naked women. When it came to working with Swae Lee on the song, Wiz had this to say, “I like Swae Lee. He understands melody and all of that, so the creative process for this was just me and him talking to each other on the phone, trying to come up with an idea and a vibe. We just captured the fun and just picked it like that.”

Check it out below.

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