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(Video) Woman Backs Into Rare Ferrari

Alright here we go.

If there is a ‘rrari within a half-mile radius of me, I’m immediately parking my car and walking to my destination. Middle of the street? Park it and walk. Drive Thru? Park it and walk. Half-way pulled into my driveway? Park it and walk. I’m not taking a single chance with a car like that. I’m not about to drop stacks of cheese to fix anything on a Ferrari. I have a mild panic attack debating if I want to spend money on new air fresheners for my ’01 Buick.

Now, on to this woman. This was either a joke/amazing photoshop, or the owners of these cars are disgustingly rich and also have been friends since pre-school and wanted to go viral on the internet. Because there is no actual way this really happened. Parallel parking is not hard. If you have the smallest amount of hand-eye coordination and some belief in yourself, you can throw a car between anything. Not to mention there were no cars in front of this Ferrari. How did the car even get its bumper up onto the Ferrari? How did this person possibly get their license? Whomever is responsible for handing this person their license should be fired immediately.

Also, why bring your $167 trillion car to a coffee shop, though? Hardo move, if you ask me. Maybe just buy a Prius for those little things?


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