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(Video) XXXTentacion – “Moonlight”

[Image Source: YouTube]

About 4 months after his passing, XXXTentacion’s “Moonlight” gets the music video treatment for his second posthumous video release.

In typical XXX fashion, dark vibes aplenty in this video, as he finds himself at a party under the moonlight. While all the other party goers are crowding around each other, XXX can be seen on his lonesome with headphones on, tuning out the world. He eventually gets up, walks through the crowd, flashes his smile to a few people, all the while keeping his headphones on, as to show he’s in his own world. The party vibe doesn’t seem to be much of X’s thing, as he returns to his lonely spot to continue vibing out to his music.

At the end of the video in which he wrote and creative directed, a dedication to X and his life can be seen.

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