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(Videos) Entertainers Using Their Platform From Streep To Strip

The power of the entertainer was in full effect yesterday!

  1. After Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her contributions to entertainment and her outstanding acting abilities, Streep used her air time to do something a little different than the “Thank you children we have never met, thank you director so and so, thank you second cousin twice removed of friend’s girlfriend, thank you childhood best friend…”. Streep used her platform at the Golden Globes to shed light on issues surrounding the recent election. She said, “disrespect invites more disrespect, violence insights violence” and she encouraged others to use their public platforms to enact change.


2. And on a lighter note, the NYC based comedy group Improv Everywhere used their platform, well, to ride pantless on the New York Subway. This year marked the 16th annual No Pants Subway Ride. The phenomenon has spread throughout the world to places like Tokyo and Jerusalem.

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