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(Viral) Bear Chases Snowboarder Down Mountain

Come on. Come onnnnnnnnnn. This video is apparently going viral today. There’s no way this is real. That bear looks more fake than the mermaid documentary that came out a few years ago. Actually, nothing is more fake than that documentary and it makes my blood boil that anyone actually fell for it.

Listen, I’m a realist. I need definitive proof in order to believe anything in life. And since I internet a lot, I know how good people can be with PhotoShop. One of the first views of this bear running looks all wrong. Props to whomever did the production, because it clearly fools most people, but I ain’t most people. You tryna tell me that this bear sat and waited the whole time for homegirl to strap up, and then decided to start chasing her? No way. No way! That’s just one of many flaws I see.

If this is somehow proven to be 150% real within the coming days or weeks, I will go on air and publicly admit my selfishness but until then, I won’t be a victim of the viral PhotoShop troll. Not here. Not now. Not again. B’lieve dat.


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