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(Watch) Lil Baby ft. Megan Thee Stallion – On Me (Remix)

Lil Baby and Megan Thee Stallion just teamed up for the very first time ever on the remix of the already hit song “On Me” and it didn’t dissapoint! The original version of the song was released back in December 2020 and peaked in the 29th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. It’s safe to say this remix is going to either get them to the first spot or very close to it. Both of these artist are considered at the top of the game currently so it’s honestly kind of shocking that this is the first time we see them unite for the better good of the music industry. The video depicts Lil Baby rapping in what I assume Antartica would look like if it was created by Disney while Meg delivers her feature verse from the top of an active volcano! It seem’s like recently we keep seeing the cinematic music video bar being pushed more and more. You almost have to stop and wonder if Michael Bay retired from directing Hollywood action movies and decided to start doing music videos… Let us know what you think!

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