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(Watch) Pooh Shiesty – Gone MIA

Pooh Shiesty is back with the visual for his song “Gone MIA” which was released on his album ‘Sheisty Season’ that dropped back in February 2021. Pooh has been locked up since June 2021 and last week he was sentenced to 63 months in prison for his involvement in a robbery. The video for “Gone MIA” seemingly addresses the robbery with the opening scene being a Miami news report about the altercation. Before the verdict, Pooh’s lawyer stated “The government wants this court to believe Mr. Williams, with a net worth of $3,449,446, planned a robbery, then committed a robbery, and then shot a known drug dealer who knew him well and could easily identify him.” He continued by saying “All over a few hundred-dollar drug deal for personal use, while he was driving a lime green McLaren that he rented from the alleged victim.”

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