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(Winner!) Trevor From Sanford Finds Week 2 Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa For $1000!


Congrats to Trevor from Sanford who just found Secret Santa Sergeant Amanda Webber!

She works at the US Army Saco Recruiting Center, but Trevor used his detective skills to find her at Len Libby Candies as she was there today giving ice cream to our veterans for Veterans Day.

Another Secret Santa hits the streets Monday with another $1000!

Made HOT in Maine by Morong Falmouth!

CLUE 1: The Secret Santa works in the oldest county in Maine — YORK
CLUE 2: The Secret Santa has a nice bun — AMANDA PUTS HER HAIR IN A BUN DAILY
CLUE 3: The Secret Santa’s eyebrows are on fleek. — THE SECRET SANTA HAS NOTICEABLY EXCELLENT EYE BROWS! DUH!
CLUE 4: The Secret Santa works in a city connected by the Riverwalk Bridge — BIDDEFORD / SACO
CLUE 5: Today is a busy day for the Secret Santa at work. — INSINUATES THAT AMANDA’S LINE OF WORK CORRELATES TO VETERANS DAY

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