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(Live Broadcast) Ryan Deelon @ I Store Phone Repair

I Store Phone Repair in Scarborough will repair your broken iPhone or tablet and they’ll clean your DSLR sensors!! Located at 582 Route 1 in Scarborough, just past Rite Aide and Subway. They’re new, they’re professional and they’re fast! Walk in’s are welcome and you’ll be in and out in an hour. For a limited time get a free Subway lunch, 1 per repair offer ends 8/14/14. I Store Phone Repair 281-3203. If you break it, they’ll fix it and clean your DSLR Sensors!!


  1. hi this is raquel dani sisson of danny sisson’s dater and i need to say to i store phone repair i was clening and my phone droped and i whent there and they fix my i phone 5c and it was only $199 so cheep i tink that is the ceep’es in the houl world and i need to tell people that thank you and have a grate day

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