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(5TYNTK) Monday, January 23, 2023


  1. Five men and five women were killed Saturday night in Monterey Park, California.  Ten others were wounded and taken to hospitals.  The mass shooting occurred at a dance studio while many celebrated Lunar New Year.  LA County Sheriff confirmed the shooter, a 72-year-old man, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. (CNN)


  1. A Winter Storm Warning has been issued for most of Southern Maine that will be in effect until 10 PM tonight due to heavy snow and strong wind gusts.  A slight shift south in the storm track will result in less snow in the mountains and more snow (and less rain) near the coast. Totals will reach 10+ inches in many parts of the state.  (WMTW)


  1. Over 250 crashes and slide-offs were recorded on the Maine Turnpike and interstates in the previous two storms this season. State Police issued a warning to drivers.  Give yourself extra time.  Be more than a car’s length away from the vehicle in front of you. Slow down! (WMTW)


  1. On Sunday afternoon, Walt Disney World park-goers were waiting more than 3.5 hours to ride Splash Mountain on its final day. Disney announced in 2020 that the ride would close after some called it racially insensitive.  It was based on characters from the controversial 1946 film “Song of the South.”  (JN)


  1. The delicious Vanilla Frosty is back at Wendy’s for winter 2023.  Wendy’s initially pressed the pause button on the Vanilla Frosty back in June to make way for the seasonal Strawberry Frosty, which was replaced by the holiday-inspired Peppermint Frosty in November 2022. (CB)


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