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(Celeb News) Justin & Hailey Bieber are Finally Having a Wedding

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So excited for this couple! Justin and Hailey Bieber are finally in the process of picking a date for a formal wedding! The couple secretly got married last September at a NYC courthouse, depriving us of any wedding photos with famous celebs and the two families coming together. But, it looks like we may be getting them next month.

The couple is reportedly looking at a September date for the wedding so family and friends can join them for a celebration. This will serve as both an anniversary and a wedding party and what a great way to celebrate both! The exact date hasn’t been set yet, but they plan to send out invites next week.

Based on the couple’s social media posts of one another, married life is treating them well and friends say they are the perfect fit. Justin loves to post love letters to Hailey, including the one he posted on Thursday:

During a time of Miley and Liam breakups, it’s nice to see a young couple show that love still exists. The couple had three false starts on a wedding celebration because the dates didn’t work for some guests, so it’s so great that this is finally coming together. We are so happy for the couple and are looking forward to getting our invites in the mail!




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