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Photo Credit - Mika Makelainen

We’re all familiar with the saying, “You never know who’s listening.”

And it’s never been more true! Last weekend, Hot Radio Maine received an email from a very unexpected listener. Apparently, the station reaches all the way to Finland … but how?

Meet our new friend, Mika.

Mika’s favorite hobby for the past 40 years has been attempting to hear radio stations from hundreds of miles away. Since the Lapland region of Finland is the perfect spot to listen, due to low electrical noise and interference, he set up camp for 2 weeks and was able to hear us!

If you’re wondering how far Finland is from Maine, it’s 3,517 miles away. Mika made us this map for reference:

Despite -20 degree weather, Mika said the beautiful northern lights and distant radio signals kept him warm. He even attached some photos and an audio clip to the email sent to Hot Radio Maine. How cool are these?

Photo and Audio Credits – Mika Makelainen

It’s a small world.

You can follow along with Mika’s journey here.

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