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(Maine Winner) Secret Santa Week 5 | Krystal from Windham

Congratulations to our Week #5 Hot Radio Maine Partners Bank Secret Santa winner, Krystal from Windham. She tracked down our fifth and final Santa, Zach, heading into his place of employment Wednesday at 8:23AM. Here’s how the clues broke down…

MONDAY 7:20AM – All of the locations of the Secret Santa’s workplace can be found in the county named after William Augustus. (Cumberland County was named after William Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland. Zach works for Port Side Real Estate Group. Their 4 locations Portland, Falmouth, Yarmouth, and Cape Elizabeth are all in Cumberland County.)

MONDAY 5:20PM – The Secret Santa is more likely to be diagnosed with tuberculosis than any of the other Secret Santa’s this year. (The ratio of male to female cases of tuberculosis is approximately 2:1. Zach was our only male Secret Santa this year.)

TUESDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa is the same height as SEX. (In February of 2018 Young Thug Changed his name to SEX. It’s still currently listed as his name on his IG account @thuggerthugger1. Zach and Young Thug are both 6’3″.)

TUESDAY 5:20PM – The US President who was in office when the Secret Santa was born was impeached. (Bill Clinton is one of two presidents to be impeached. Zach was born in 1993 while Bill Clinton was president.)

WEDNESDAY 7:20AM – The Secret Santa’s eye color is the same as the birthstone for May. (Emerald is May’s birthstone. Zach has green eyes.)

WEDNESDAY 5:20PM – If the Secret Santa left work at 6:55pm, they could make it just in time to see a live production of “A Christmas Carol.” (Zach primarily works at Port Side Real Estate Group’s Falmouth location. Footlights Theatre is a short drive from the office. They had a 7pm production of “A Christmas Carol” on Wednesday.)

THURSDAY 7:20PM – The Secret Santa works on the left side of a ship. (Left side of a ship is referred to as the Port Side. Zach works for Port Side Real Estate Group.)

These are all the clues Krystal from Windham needed to find Zach, the marketing coordinator at Port Side Real Estate Group in Falmouth, and win her $1,000.

Full Contest Rules Here.

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