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Mijo and Hayley Try Kombucha For the First Time

If you don’t know what Kombucha is let’s start there. It’s a fermented beverage made from black tea and sugar. Maybe that sounds gross, but TRUST ME it’s actually not bad. It’s certainly an acquired taste, but there are so many different flavors; you just have to find the right one for you. My favorite is lavender.

Kombucha has a number of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, in addition to being an excellent probiotic. You can read more about Kombucha here to learn about all the health benefits and even how to make your own. Also, fun fact: even though Kombucha is a health drink, it has a small percentage of alcohol, so at some places you have to show your I.D. to purchase it (kinda crazy)!

I brought some Kombucha to work today to make Mijo try, because he made fun of my Lara Bar the other day, and I wanted to show him that healthy food can be good (ha!). Neither Hayley nor Mijo had tried Kombucha before, so I brought some for both of them to try. Had to capture their reactions on video. Check it out below.


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