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(News) Fat Joe, Remy Ma, French Montana, being sued over “All The Way Up”

The trio joined forces to produce the 2016-2017 hit “All The Way Up”, which peaked at #27 on Billboard’s Hot 40 list. Now they’re being sued for “stealing” the song from Florida based rapper Erik Elliott, also known as Fly Havana.

Fly Havana claims to have brought the song to producer Infrared and Fat Joe before being ghosted by Joe. Havana, also claims he still has the unfinished version of the song. Elliott claims in terms of music, lyrics, vocal melody, rhythmic flow and sound recording his unfinished version and the produced hit single version are identical.

Fat Joe agreed to meet up with Fly Havana in a Miami iHop where he gave the struggling Florida rapper a check for $5,000.

Elliott, now knowing the song is worth more than that, is suing for the co-writing credits and any royalties that come with the song’s popularity and profits.

Sources close to Fat Joe have made a statement stating he did not steal anything and that Fly Havana signed a release form on the song. Fat Joe himself also gave Fly Havana a shoutout while being interviewed on Miami’s 99 Jamz station, saying Havana “worked on the record.”


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