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(News) R. Kelly Plans To “Sue Everybody” Following “Surviving R. Kelly” Documentary

The finale of Lifetime’s six-part documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, aired this satuday. For three nights, it explored disturbing details of R. Kelly’s past and sparked some serious outrage across social media.

Kelly’s lawyer Brian Nix reportedly threatened to sue the television network if the show aired and revealed everything about his past, and now that it has, sources close to Kelly say he is getting ready to “sue everybody who had anything do with this,”

Kelly is allegedly “disgusted” by the series and believes those who participated in it have a “vendetta” against him.

Kelly goes on to say he didn’t know half the people who were interviewed for the show and insists the other half hates him for personal and professional reasons. He says there were various people who wanted to defend him, but the producers wouldn’t allow it.

The producer reached out to many people like we talked about on Friday, like Lady Gaga and Jay-z and Celine Dion and nobody wanted to touch it except for John legend, who actually appeared on the documentary.

So, for that reason, people were calling him a hero for sticking up for these women.

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