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(News) Soulja Boy Is Still Going In On Kanye West For Leaving Him Off ‘Donda’

(AP Photo/Chris Pizzello, file)

Soulja Boy is not letting up on Kanye West. After one of his verses was left off ‘Ye’s Donda, Soulja has been going at Kanye for the last few days. He wrote, “Donda flopped.” This is despite the fact that the album may have the biggest opening week of any album in a long time. Soulja continued, “I was the first rapper wit @KimKardashian not u @kanyewest.” He went on tweeting, “I wanna fight. Do u know how to fight? @kanyewest I feel like u a h*e. Let’s get in the ring?” It goes on: “U really wore that trump hat too. You did a-lot of corny s**t in ur career and got a pass. Apologize to Taylor swift @kanyewest.” TMZ’s camera caught up with Soulja to ask him if he was serious about boxing ‘Ye. Soulja said he was just playing around, unless Kanye really wanted to throw hands. Soulja said they could make “$100 – 200 million.”

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