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(Video) Driver Slams Cop Car While Playing Pokemon Go

This dude had to have been looking down for a full 30 seconds for this to happen. When I see a cop perched up on the highway a mile away I make sure I’m doing the speed limit, hands at 10 and 2 (which I never do because that sucks), and eyes directly on the road in front of me. This dude probably even saw not only the cop car, but the two cops standing next to it, and decided to keep playing. Can’t be doing that.

To make it all worse, homeboy straight up snitches on himself IMMEDIATELY. Doesn’t close his phone and just go with the “I just looked down for a second and I dunno what happened…” approach. I’m not sure whether to respect him or not.

The point is: don’t Pokemon Go and drive. Don’t text and drive, either. It’s literally the same thing. Be safe and make it home alive. This dude got lucky.

B’lieve dat.


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