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(Video) Woman Gets Annihilated By Elk

YOOOOOOOO do you know how far this woman got throttled, though? At least 500 ft.

So much controversy going around between animals and humans after that gorilla story (RIP Harambe), you would think people would learn a thing or two. Maybe don’t mess with wildlife? Maybe? Idk? Lol?

The fact that the woman is alive and okay means we can look at this with a different perspective. It’s scary, yet unbelievably hilarious. Please watch the video again and take note how the elk literally stares her down, moves back a step or two, and then keeps staring her down. If I were that woman (which I wouldn’t be, because I follow rules…) I would drop right back to the ground if I seent this elk staring me down after rag doll’ing me like a sackataters. It would go down like this:

**Gets annihilated by elk**

**Tries standing up, regaining consciousness and coordination**

**Sees the elk staring me down**

Me: “Haha, whoop.” **Sits back down immediately, like a berated young child in trouble**

B’live dat.



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