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(Local) Arcadia Moving to Port City Music Hall Space

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After being closed for just under a year, Arcadia National Bar is making big moves. 

In order to reopen safely, Arcadia needs to operate in a larger space. They’ve set their sights on the building formerly known as, Port City Music Hall–who we lost to the pandemic in 2020. It’s the perfect spot to maintain CDC guidelines while also enjoying classic arcade games and drinks. Plus, more room means more opportunities for exhibits, parties and performances in the future. 

The game plan was shared to social media over the weekend with a link to a fundraiser goal of $42,000. In less than 18 hours, Arcadia reached that goal and has continued to raise money for a successful grand reopening in Portland! If you’d like to contribute, here’s the link.

Talk about a feel good story! Mainers sticking together when we need each other the most. 

What’s the first game you’ll be playing when they reopen their doors? 

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