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(Interview) ON AIR Conversation w/ Sara Gideon

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Thursday morning Sara Gideon, the Maine Speaker of the House and the Democrat Senate nominee for Maine, joined Ryan Deelon on Hot Radio Maine for a conversation. The conversation aired statewide across Hot Radio Maine’s three signals and touched on a variety of issues including opioids, growing opportunities in Maine, social justice and systemic racism and the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Gideon made her case for a November victory against her opponent and current Maine Senator, Susan Collins. “We need to know that we have someone who is standing up for us and looking out for us all the time. I think there was a time where people felt that Susan Collins was that person but unfortunately we have seen in a time when we most need somebody standing up for us, that being in the past 4 years as Donald Trump has been President, that in fact Senator Collins is no longer doing that.”

Hot Radio Maine has focused considerable airtime and energy to encourage voting in Maine, particularly in the younger demographic of the state. Hot Radio Maine and its partners have provided food and coffee at the polls historically during elections as well as informative information on how to register to vote and where Mainers can vote in their community. Program Director and morning host Ryan Deelon said “the conversation with Sara Gideon is the kickoff to a multi-month get out and vote campaign. Regardless of political affiliation we encourage all Mainers to be heard, particularly young Mainers. We feel it’s important for our listeners to hear directly from the candidates as we’ve found they may not receive news or views from traditional outlets. We’ve also extended an invitation to Senator Susan Collins and her team has told us they will try to accommodate if scheduling permits.”

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Listen to Ryan Deelon’s full conversation with Sara Gideon here:

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