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(Podcast) Hot Mornings – 06.08.21 Hangover Remedies

06.08.21 Hangover Remedies… (Intro) Happy National Best Friends (Topic) What’s your go to hangover remedy? (Dirty) Jeff Bezos in space. Happy 80th Bday Robert Kraft. Showtime offers Mayweather-Paul refunds. Mariah Carey denies explosive meeting with Jay-Z. (5TYNTK) Schools move to remote learning because of the heatwave. Maine CDC announces lowest daily Covid case count since October. Maine’s mobile vaccine unit’s final stops will be in Portland and OOB. 6-Year-old takes the babysitter’s SUV for a spin. Happy National Best Friends Day. (Outro) Happy Bday Kanye. Mustard on Watermelon.

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