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(Podcast) Hot Mornings – 4.12.22 Creepy Kids

4.12.22 Creepy Kids.. (Intro) That Stinks (Topic) What’s the creepiest thing a kid has said to you? (Dirty) Britney Spears is pregnant. Sam Ashgari reacts to Britney Spears pregnancy. Kim Kardashian has a late nite snack. Travis Scott billboards line the drive to Coachella. DJ Khaled gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (5TYNTK) Mariupol’s mayor discusses the devastation of his city. COVID-19 hospitalizations ticked up on Monday in Maine. Two bald eagles in Maine tested positive for avian flu. DoorDash is now offering its DashPass at a discount for students. Jack Harlow and Waka Flocka to perform at UMaine’s Maine Event on April 26th. (Outro) Portland SKEE Dogs.

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