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Weezy Is Okay After Two Seizures!!

After having 2 seizures less than 30 minutes apart, Lil’ Wayne is okay!!

Weezy was flying from Milwaukee to Cali when the first seizure happen causing an emergency landing of his private jet at Omaha Airport in Nebraska. He refused medical attention after he regained consciousness and the plane was back up in the air. Shortly after liftoff, Lil’ Wayne suffered his second seizure causing another emergency landing. This time he was treated by paramedics and headed to the hospitable right away. These aren’t Lil’ Wayne’s first seizures, he is epileptic so this might not be his last either, yet he has taken the necessary steps to be prepared. He says those around him know what to do when the seizures occur.

Glad to see that you’re in good hands Lil’ Wayne!

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