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(Contest) Hot 104.7’s Go Trampoline With Kalin And Myles! Meet & Greet At Get Air

Hot 104.7 is bringing KALIN & MYLES to Portland for an exclusive meet & greet!! It’s Hot 104.7’s “Go Trampoline! with Kalin & Myles!” — Monday, March 23, 2015!

And what better place to meet the “Trampoline” singers themselves than at Get Air Trampoline Park in Portland!! The ONLY way in is to win your tickets from Hot 104.7!

Listen at 7am with Patrick Grey and 7pm with Mijo to win your tickets! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Hot1047Maine for more chances to win!

In the mean time, tell us why you deserve to win! Tweet us with #KAMGoTrampolineHot1047

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  1. IM DOING THIS FOR MY SISTER & me you know how sick that would be. BUT YEAH SHE DESERVES THIS!!!! YAS HOT 104.7 IS SO DOPE

  2. me and my friend have been fans for so long and to have the opportunity to meet them would mean the whole world!!!! love your station!!

  3. If I got these tickets, I believe it would make my best friend extremely happy, which would make me happy. Her and I absolutely love Kalin and Myles and this would be an amazing opportunity!

  4. I would love to meet them and my favorite song is trampoline also my family doesn’t have that much money so it would be a great way to make us happy.

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