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(Contest) Win $1000! Find The Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa!

It’s that time of year… Secret Santa is coming back to Southern Maine! The Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa hits the streets on Monday, November 2!!

Get clues from Hot 104.7 weekdays at 7:20 AM and 5:20 PM to narrow down the location and identity of the Secret Santa. Once you think you know who it is… ask him or her the phrase that pays… “Are you the Morong Mazda Hot 104.7 Secret Santa?” If you are correct, you win $1000 on the spot!!!

There will be a different Secret Santa each week, for 5 weeks, starting November 2, which means you have 5 chances to win!

Clues will also be posted on social media so make sure you Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. BONUS! Clues will be given out 20 minutes earlier each day on Instagram!!

While other stations may try to pass off their contests as local, they often are nationwide contests! Don’t be fooled! At Hot 104.7 ALL of our contests are local, including Secret Santa! Meaning ALL of our winners will actually be from Southern Maine, receiving real money from Hot 104.7!

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